What is Fire Ball Extinguisher?
Spherical in shape, it has the capability of extinguishing alltypes of fire ranging from those invloving carbonaceous solids such as wood, rubber, cloth, plastics to those invloving combustible liquids and electricity.
Product : Fire Extinguisher Ball
Trade Name : "AUTO FIRE OFF (AFO)"
Dimension : Sphere, Diameter 14.5 cm
Gross Weight : 1.30 - 1.50 kg
Chemical Weight : 1.25 kg
Fire Extinguisher Agent : Non-Toxic Mono Ammonium Phosphate
Fire Type :
Fire Rating : 1A*, 5B*, C*
Container : Outer layer of Pent foam, about 11 mm thick shield by PVC film
Function : Flame activated
Do you know:
90% of the ordinary people are unable to use the fire extinguisher cylinders when they face regular fire anywhere, due to some of the following reasons:
Lack of prior training on how to use them.
Heavy to carry for some people, particularly to children and old people.
We need to be close to the fire, this is may cause freighting to most of people.
Even those who know how to use the regular extinguisher cylinders, confused in the process of fighting fire and they cannot avoid the fires quickly
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